Block 0 – Preparation

before September 29th, 2023

Dominik Brilhaus, CEPLAS Data Science

Checklist hands-on sessions

💡 Please prepare the following before the workshop:

  • ✅ Register at DataPLANT
  • ✅ Find your command line
  • ✅ Install and configure Git on your computer
  • ✅ Install ARCitect on your computer
  • ✅ Install Swate on your computer
  • ✅ (optional) Install VS Code

DataPLANT Registration

If you do not have a DataPLANT account, please register at the DataPLANT website.

Role and consortium

Please add your Project/consortium (e.g. CEPLAS, SFB, TRR) and choose the role Guest

The command line

Find the command-line interface (CLI) on your system.

  • On Windows: Enter powershell into the explorer path
  • On MacOS: Search terminal via spotlight (⌘ + ␣) or navigate to Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal

💡 In our tutorials we sometimes use terminal, command-line interface (CLI) and powershell interchangeably.

Git Installation

Please install Git and Git LFS on your system

💡 Git LFS may already be installed with your Git installation (at least on Windows)

💡 For macOS we recommend to install via homebrew as described on the site above

Configuration of Git

Check the git user configuration on your system, by executing

git config --global --get-regexp user

This should prompt two lines <Your Name> <Your Email>

💡 Configuration needs to be done once after installation of git on your system.

Git configuration

Set the git user configuration on your system, by executing

  1. Your name
git config --global "Your Name"
  1. Your email address
git config --global "Your Email"

ARCitect Installation

Please follow the instructions to install the latest version of ARCitect.

Swate Installation

Please follow these instructions to install the latest version of Swate.

Have a simple text editor ready

  • Windows Notepad
  • MacOS TextEdit

Recommended text editor with code highlighting, git support, terminal, etc: Visual Studio Code


DataPLANT (nfdi4plants)

Knowledge Base:


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