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last updated at 2022-09-19

A good starting point for your data annotation is using a predefined template. You can find them under the "Templates" tab. Here, click on the "Browse database" to explore all currently available templates.

Template search

You will be directed to the template browser where you can:

(a) Sort the templates according to the search input.

(b) Filter the templates by tags.

To filter with tags, just start typing and Swate will show you related tags. Then click on any tag of interest to apply the filter to the templates.

(c) Filter the templates by origin.

By default the search results will contain both, community made templates and templates made by our data stewards. You can change this behavior by hovering over the "cur/com" field and picking the behavior you want.

Template information

When you click on a template you will be presented with some additional information, like the date of creation, the version and related tags. After selecting a template you are returned to the Swate main-page and are presented with all building blocks contained in the template. Click "Add template" to add the template to the right side of your selected Excel cells. Only building blocks not yet in your table will be added.

Get in contact

If you have any problems in using the templates please contact us here or if you want to discuss existing templates or request new ones, please contact us here.

DataPLANT Support

Besides these technical solutions, DataPLANT supports you with community-engaged data stewardship. For further assistance, feel free to reach out via our helpdesk or by contacting us directly .
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