Collaborative Workshop Strengthens Interconnection of FDM Helpdesks Across Consortia and Beyond

22 Nov 2023

In a collaborative effort to enhance the landscape of research data management (RDM), a two-day workshop on networking FDM helpdesks took place on November 20th and 21st, 2023, at the University of Duisburg-Essen. The event, which included participants beyond the DataPLANT Consortium, saw the gathering of professionals from institutional FDM contact points, NFDI helpdesks, and support initiatives from FDM state initiatives.

Many universities have already established local FDM service points that provide on-site assistance to researchers with FDM-related queries. The National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI) consortia are currently establishing a nationwide FDM infrastructure with support services focused on specific disciplines or methodologies. Additionally, several federal states have FDM state initiatives or regional networks offering complementary services or supporting the development of cross-location offerings.

The workshop aimed to explore optimal ways of interconnecting existing FDM helpdesks. The objective was to enhance awareness of existing offerings within consortia and at various locations while developing opportunities to network support services. Data and ideas gathered during the workshop will serve as a basis for developing concrete measures and further steps.

The event, attended by the manager Cristina Rodrigues, proved to be highly productive and will be intensified the foundation for regular meetings in the form of a bi-monthly Jour Fixe.

However, collaboration extends beyond forging connections with related domain consortia such as NFDI4Biodiversity and FAIRagro. Joint efforts have already been showcased at CoRDI through a poster created in collaboration with NFDI4Biodiversity.

The future agenda promises further exciting developments, including a planned in-person meeting next year involving additional consortia like NFDI4Microbiota and NFDI4Earth. These strategic collaborations will contribute to creating synergies and strengthening the NFDI.

This initiative underscores the importance of collaboration among different consortia to successfully address challenges in RDM and sustainably support the scientific community.

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