Deepen the collaboration of DataPLANT and NFDI4BIOIMAGE - All-Hands Meeting in Düsseldorf

19 Oct 2023

Colleagues from DataPLANT were present at the three day all-hands event of NFDI4BIOIMAGE in Düsseldorf to further deepen the already started cooperation between the two consortia. NFDI4BIOIMAGE is an consortium of the third round in the National Research Data Infrastructure to foster the Research Data Management for Microscopy and Bioimage Analysis. Joint considerations for the use of the Annotated Research Context (ARC) have already been made for the grant application and for a CoRDI posters. Further discussion points revolved around how to sensibly combine services and jointly organize crucial tasks such as the provisioning of helpdesks for the research community. Furthermore, discussions were about the design of centralized vs. federated service infrastructures, where both consortia want to make sure that services can be integrated by each other and into the wider NFDI efforts of the evolving services landscape. Both parties want to remain in regular exchange on this. It was considered that DataPLANT remains the primary contact for the fundamental plant research community, also when various image data is to be considered. Here, DataPLANT ensures that image data is managed according to the considerations and determinations set by NFDI4BIOIMAGE, which provides specifications on how image data should be managed in ARCs. Both consortia use the ARC foundation for this purpose. Other considerations included the integration of (interactive) workflows and the provision of Virtual Desktop Infrastructures (VDI). For the former, the ARC also offers corresponding starting points. VDI can be a good basis for training with fully equipped desktop software environments, as has already been tested in DataPLANT on preliminary infrastructures.