DataPLANT at the Open-Science-Festival

6 Jul 2023

DataPLANT as a consortium in the National Research Data Infrastructure is committed to Open Science. The ZBmed, Information Center for Life Sciences and a key player in the NFDI, was host for the Open Science Festival 2023. DataPLANT was there for new ideas on how Open-Science and Open-Data becomes practice. OSF 2023 is one of the premier events for open science.

Workshops and lightening talks presented tools and use-cases, but also asked whether the Wissenschaftszeitvertragsgesetz is suitable to solve the problem of sustainability. The RKI presents a workflow on how to make updated data available to the public via an automated workflow using GitHub and Zenodo. The development of this workflow is a response to the need of media to write reports with updated data during the Corona epidemic. DataPLANT follows with it's DataHUB an InvenioRDM data publication platform a similar approach.


The final panel discussed how "data in the wild" can be used by researchers. Edit Herczog, who has been a member of the European Parliament for ten years, emphasized that the European Community has identified open science as a factor for future sustainability and therefore provides the necessary funds for infrastructures. She pointed out that due to uncoordinated storage services and repositories, a lot of data is circulating in hardly manageable numbers of copies. In economic terms, this is a waste of resources that must be countered with overarching concepts for economic handling of data.