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Data Competence Centers for Science - Meeting in Berlin

9 Feb 2023

DataPLANT was present at the joint networking meeting of the NFDI and the applicants in the second grant application round for the data competence centers (DCC) an EU-funded project to improve data literacy in science. This was a full-day event at the Federal Ministry of Education and Research on February 9 in Berlin. To start, there was a presentation of the NFDI Edutrain section, the collaborative project Knowledge-Graph of the Data Literacy Alliance (DALIA), and a presentation of results and findings from the Data Stewardship DataStew project. The latter brought some clues for the concrete design and the different job profiles needed. Data Stewardship is, after all, a central building block of strategy in DataPLANT and quite a few other NFDI consortia. After the elevator pitches of the 22 competing projects, there was the opportunity for a closer exchange with the applicants. Here, DataPLANT particularly matched DaKA, which was represented by colleagues from Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences and ZALF. DaKA aims to increase data competencies in agricultural science. Researchers from different disciplines are active in agricultural sciences and need appropriate support in making their data FAIR. At the data competence center, they are to be taught competencies and provided with offers that enable them to work together with data and to leverage potentials. Common interests exist in the topics of helpdesk and training of data stewards. Topics exchanged with other DCCs were electronic lab books or the more general use of the DataPLANT Ontology Services concept for other scientific fields. Other common interests are shared with de.KCD, which wants to develop a data literacy center that uses cloud technologies to create digital research and networking venues and learning and training environments. A structured training program for cloud-based data management will also be developed.