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Create your own Data Management Plan with DataPLAN

27 Sep 2022

A Data Management Plan (DMP) structures the handling of research data in a scientific project and describes how to deal with the data during and after the end of your project. Many third-party funders, such as DFG, Horizon Europe, or BMBF expect you to provide these information as part of your funding application.

DataPLANT offers the tool DataPLAN to guide the community through the writing process of such a DMP. First, users need to select a template to generate a European DMP, DFG DMP, BMBF DMP, or a Practice Guide. Additionally, users can customize these templates to their own needs or start their own template from scratch. Generation of the DMP is then simplified by offering several building blocks to enter your basic information, data type and volume, data standards, and data analysis, which are automatically transcribed into a living document. When you are finished editing, the tool offers various options to save your DMP: directly print the document, export it as a .JSON, copy the text or save it to Cache to finish it at a later point. In case some information is missing, DataPLAN will point out all questions that have not been answered. What are you waiting for? Check it out and create your own DMP with DataPLAN!