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15 Aug 2022

DataPLANT has developed a Knowledge Base for research data management (RDM) in fundamental plant research. The Knowledge Base is divided into three sections, which build upon each other. Within the Fundamentals section, researchers are provided with knowledge about principles of RDM, such as the FAIR Data Principles or “What is metadata?”. As the header already indicates, the second section is on how DataPLANT is implementing these aspects to support plant researchers with sophisticated and straight-forward structures, tools and services for their RDM. At the moment, the section features articles about DataPLANT’s Annotated Research Context (ARC), the ARC Commander, Swate, and DataPLANT’s DataHUB, with more articles currently under construction. With the gained knowledge (or right at the beginning), researchers can jump into the Training & Tutorials section to use the QuickStarts on ARC, the ARC Commander, and Swate to fill their own ARCs with metadata.

DataPLANT Knowledge Base

As already mentioned, the Knowledge Base is still under construction with more articles currently developed. As a community effort, your contribution is highly appreciated, as it improves with every feedback we receive from readers and users. Please do not hesitate to submit a ticket to our helpdesk or open an issue at GitHub if you want to ask a question, recommend missing topics or tutorials, stumble upon inconsistencies or typos or simply want to contribute.

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